Past Scientia Lecture Series:

2020-21 Colloquia: "Trade-Offs"

2019-20 Colloquia: "Panoply"

2018-19 Colloquia: "Creativity"

2017-18 Colloquia: "Facts"

2016-17 Colloquia: "Privacy"

2015-16 Colloquia: "Inequality"

2014-15 Colloquia: "Teaching and Learning in the University of Tomorrow"

2013-14 Colloquia: "The Power of Ideas Part II"

2012-13 Colloquia: "The Power of Ideas Part I"

2011-12 Colloquia: "Rice: A Century of Change"

2010-11 Colloquia: "Failure!"

2009-10 Colloquia: "Networks"

2008-09 Colloquia: "Biopolitics"

2007-08 Colloquia: "Memory"

2006-2007 Colloquia: "Constructing the Human Being"

2005-2006 Colloquia: "Animals and Humans"

2004-2005 Colloquia: "Conflict, Violence, and War "

2003-2004 Colloquia: "Human Fragility and Resourcefulness: Are We Fit Enough to Survive?"

2002-2003 Colloquia: "Evolutionary Biology as Paradigm Science"

2001-2002 Colloquia: "Health and Welfare Policy"

2000-2001 Colloquia: "Taking Chances: Risk and Randomness in Science and Society"

1999-2000 Colloquia: "Re-Thinking the University"

1998-1999 Colloquia: "Science and Religion: An Examination"

1997-1998 Colloquia: "In Memoriam: Kuhn and the Problem of Scientific Knowledge"

1996-1997 Colloquia: "Approaching the Millennium: Global Changes, Local Effects"

1995-1996 Colloquia: "Approaching the Millennium: Technologies, Communities, Histories"

1994-1995 Colloquia: "Ways of Knowing"

Other Scientia Sponsored Events:

2008 Table Talk - Pilot Program

2007 Panel Discussion: Exhibiting "Lucy": Bones of contention at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

2005 Panel Discussion: "Hurricane Katrina and Houston: Implications for our Future"


All past lectures that were recorded are available on the Scientia Youtube page.

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