This year's Scientia Lecture series touches on the many connections that animate nature and human life. All organisms and materials exist in a deeply interconnected system. Humans have complex international connections; smart devices increasingly have interconnections; independent of their designers; and the university reminds us of the collaborative connections across fields. This year's series explores many of these connections that faculty pursue here at Rice.

Fall 2021 Lecture Schedule

October 7th - McMurtry Auditorium, 4:00 PM

B. Paul Padley

Professor of physics and astronomy, director of the T.W. Bonner Laboratory, interim vice president for Information Technology 

Talk Title: Connecting the Small and the Big by Connecting People

Jacob T. Robinson

Associate professor of electrical and computer engineering and neuroengineering initiative

Talk Title: Connecting Our Brain and Body to Computers

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November 9th - McMurtry Auditorium, 4:00 PM

John Sparagana 

Grace Christian Vietti Chair in Visual Arts 

Talk Title: Reading Revolutionaries 

William B. Parsons 

Professor of religion 

Talk Title: On Being SBNR: Past, Present, Future(s) 

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December 7th - McMurtry Auditorium, 4:00 PM

Brett Ashley Leads

Radoslav Tsanoff Professor of Political Science

Talk Title: The Politics of Military Alliances: Trump and Beyond

Amy Dunham

Associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology

Talk Title: Connections Among Biodiversity, Well-Being, and Inclusion

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